A box channel made of stainless steel ensures optimal drainage for many years

Not only large but also small roof areas must be optimally dewatered. For this purpose, a box gutter, which is available in different sizes and with the necessary accessories. Stainless steel is a resistant material that does not rust and last for many years.

Material with high resistance

Stainless steel offers high corrosion resistance. The manufacturers offer different surfaces. Non-tinned stainless steel has a certain shine and creates a corresponding appearance. The properties of the different materials have different advantages.

Stainless steel is

  • durable
  • weather-resistant
  • resistant to corrosion
  • a visual supplement to the roof

There are regulations for the use of gutters in box shapes with regard to the size to be used. These should be kept, only in this way the optimal drainage is guaranteed.

Rain gutter products made of stainless steel are priced relatively high due to their durability and the attractive appearance. However, the costs pay off over the years.

The attachment

Channel holders are used to hold the box gutters, which are securely fastened to the rafters or the eaves. The gutter parts are joined together by soldering. The accessories for box gutters are rather limited.

When deciding on a box gutter, optical reasons play a role. They are particularly suitable for roof areas up to a size of 25 square meters, as can be found on carports, canopies and garden sheds.

Prices and suppliers

A high-quality stainless steel box gutter is expected to cost around € 45 per meter.

  • at vordachabwerk.de there is a gutter in polished stainless steel.
  • edelstahl-trifft-glas.de has special rain gutters in box form for canopies on offer.
Tips & TricksThe well-stocked specialist retailer offers complete channel systems in stainless steel. It's best to buy a set that contains all the needed parts from the gutter to the downpipe to the mounting material.
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