A Euro pallet needs 0.4 load meters

In the freight forwarding business load volumes are calculated in loading meters. It is based on the cargo space of conventional trucks of 2.40 meters width. This width allows the loading of two transverse europallets side by side or three with the long sides side by side placed pallets. Lad The loading meter refers to each "completed" running meter in the longitudinal direction of the loading area. This results in the calculation of the area of ​​a standard Euro pallet the load meter value of 0.4 per pallet. If a semi-trailer has a hold of forty meters in length, that is forty loading meters, a total of ten Euro pallets will fit into it.

The basic calculation formula for the load meter is to divide the calculated area of ​​the load from length to width in meters through the width of the loading space (2.40 meters).

With the dimensions of a Euro pallet of 1.20 meters and 0.80 meters, the cargo area is 0.96 square meters divided by 2.4 meters. This results in the loading gauge of 0.4 for a Euro pallet.

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